I Found Great Lump Charcoal!

I take a lot of pride in pointing people in the right direction when it comes to grilling.  Great grilling starts with great charcoal, and I am a believer in lump charcoal.  My ultimate mission in grilling is to find great lump charcoal.

Sometimes you just stumble upon a great product.

It all started one day where I thought it’d be a good idea to grill.  As I went to fire up the grill, I discovered I didn’t have enough charcoal.

Off to the store I went.

Discovery of great lump charcoal

I went out and found a great big bag of Frontier Lump Charcoal.

I like lump charcoal, so I decided I would go with this to see how it went.

I liked the result.  It was a burger night, so I did my burgers and they all came out fantastic.  The coals lit up fairly quickly in my chimney.  Including topping off charcoal to replace the charcoal that had shrunk, I had a full hot chimney of coals ready to rock-n-roll in under 45 minutes.

The coals maintained a good temperature for the duration of my grilling.  I could have easily cooked another round of burgers.

I figured I stumbled upon a good product, but I wanted to do one more grilling session before really giving my thoughts in an article.  Something with more of a mixture of food.

Last night I went a little deeper.  I grilled two steaks, seven burger patties, and ten hot dogs.

Once again, I got an adequate amount of coals ready in under 45 minutes.  I laid them out on my grate and closed the lid on the grill.  The grill got up to 400 degrees in about five minutes.

At that point, it was go-time.

I laid my two 1-inch-thick top sirloin steaks in the middle of the grill for six minutes on one side and five on the other, giving me nice medium-rare doneness.  I placed the 1/2″ burgers around the steaks, seven minutes on each side for a well done yet crispy and juicy burger.  I like my burgers medium-rare, but I was cooking for others so I just cooked them with no pink.  I then placed the ten hot dogs in the remaining hottest spots on the grill.

great lump charcoal

When all was said and done, everything came out as I had desired.  The hot dogs were a mixture of partially-charred and cooked with minimal char.

The steak, though.  That was the star of the show!  Nailed it!

great lump charcoal

great lump charcoal

It was maybe the best grilling session I had ever had.  This stuff is no fluke!  Frontier makes a good product that you will find success with.

It really goes to prove that the key to great grilling is good, quality charcoal.  Get good charcoal and your food will come out great.

You’ll be a star on the grill and people will rave about your food and want to keep coming over when invited.

Grill up!  Eat up!

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