I Had Coronavirus!

i had coronavirus

Yes indeed.  I had Coronavirus (aka COVID).

I tested positive for it in late August.

It all started on a Tuesday morning.  I woke up feeling a little lethargic.  A bit “off.”  I also had nasal congestion, a bit of a runny nose, and a scratchy throat.

I went to the neighborhood walk-in clinic to get tested.  Tested negative via throat swab.  They figured I caught a bit of a cold.

By 8:00 that morning I felt energetic, but still had a runny nose and scratchy throat.

Meanwhile, someone in my office and a few people on job sites we were working on had come up positive.  On Thursday we had company-wide testing.  Blood test came back negative.

However, on Monday a nasal swab came back positive.


Monday I was sent home to quarantine.  I felt fine.  Felt energetic, my throat was no longer sore, my nose was no longer runny, but I did have some loss in taste and smell.  I was not 100%, but felt more than well enough to go through my daily routine.

I had a slightly elevated resting heart rate, which was a sign my body was fighting *something*.

Over the next several days, I didn’t leave the upstairs of my house.  I slept in our spare bedroom and used the upstairs bathroom.  I even had my own coffee maker for my morning coffee, which I drank black.  I stayed away from the other members of my household; none of whom ended up getting sick, thankfully.

I ordered zinc and quercetin from Amazon and we all did a regular regimen of that daily.  Day by day, my heart rate went back down towards normal, meaning my body was no longer in fight mode.

At the end of 14 days, I went back to work and resumed daily activities in full immediately.

The symptoms of COVID

Everywhere you go, you see signs about, “if you have fever, shortness of breath, or a dry cough, don’t come in.”

Those three symptoms were thought to be the key telltale signs of COVID.

Fever: I never at any point registered a fever, which is officially a body temperature of 100.4 degrees F, or greater.  My readings throughout ranged from 97.1 to 99.3.  The day of my first COVID test, my temperature at the clinic was 97.3.  My body did not have to generate enough RPMs, if you will, to ward off my strain of the illness.

Shortness of breath: I had no shortness of breath.  I never got winded while I walked.  I sometimes walked long distances, and even sometimes with a mask on.  I had no difficulty.

Dry cough: I had no lingering dry cough, even during and immediately after my runny nose.  I coughed a few times here and there, but no more than I usually do.

Basically, I really thought I had a cold.  My symptoms were consistent with a medium-grade cold.  I’ve had worse colds, and even a few episodes of influenza that kept me in bed for a day or so.

With COVID, I was never confined to a bed.  Not even close.

Out of the woods

As I write this now, I am back to 100%, and have been for over a month and a half.

How much of this do I attribute to my health?

A lot of it, to be honest.  I really do believe sticking with an animal-based way of eating helped me fight this off.  Along with maybe age, genetics, and other factors.

A guy I work with who caught it around the same time I did spent two months out of work and is still on supplemental oxygen periodically.  He spent about a week in the hospital and things weren’t looking good for a bit.

It turned out he was fighting a blood clot in one of his lungs, which took a toll.  He’s still taking medication for the blood clot and the amount of scarring on his lungs still remains unknown.  But, he’s back at work and is back to normal other than taking in a liter of oxygen once or twice per day.

What would I suggest?

Double-down on your animal-based way of eating.  Stay away from carbs, especially junk food.  Stay away from processed foods.  Stay away from anything that causes inflammation.

I believe keeping inflammation levels low is key to fighting this off if you should catch it.

If you catch COVID, your inflammation levels will naturally increase as a defense mechanism.

If you test positive for COVID, triple-down on an animal-based way of eating.

Take the recommended serving of zinc and quercetin daily.  The quercetin will help your body absorb the zinc.  Also, keep eating plenty of salt and drinking plenty of water.  Take it easy on physical activities.  Take a light walk, but keep it light.

If you notice breathing difficulties, slow down immediately.

We all will respond differently to this, but doing the above certainly won’t hurt.

COVID is for real, and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.  But how you react to it and prevent against the symptoms of it will help you survive with minimal difficulty.

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