What is an Animal-Based Diet?

It’s somewhat in the name of the website, Animal-Based Life.  It’s what’s known as an “animal-based diet.”

But for me, it’s not simply a “diet.”  A diet implies that you’re sacrificing to a large extent.  

Sigh, I can’t eat M&Ms, so instead, I’d better eat a carrot.

You go through that nine hundred times and you’re bound to fail and end up eating those M&Ms.  Not only eating them but putting them back in your daily routine.  

What do you mean by an animal-based diet?

In short, it means my eating habits are based on the consumption of animal products.  Both direct products, such as meat, and by-products, such as eggs.  

animal based diet

Does it mean animal products are all that I eat?


It means that animal-based products are simply the foundation of my diet.  My base, as it were.  

I do surround these products with leafy green and cruciferous vegetables.  I do not surround those products with sugars, starches, grains, or breads.  

Do you ever “cheat”?


We’ve all fallen into this trap.  OK, OK, I’ll have this piece of banana bread.  I’ll try this slice of pizza.

No one wants to be ‘that guy’ at special events.  We all want to go along with the program.  

What’s important is that one indulgence doesn’t turn into a second, or a third, or a fourth.  More than one day, a week, a month, a few months. 

When finished it’s time for an important self-conversation.  

Self: This is your one indulgence.  Your only indulgence. Get back on the horse starting right now.  Right. Now. Nothing else. No piece of pie on the way home, no donut, no sugary coffee, nothing.  

What started this way of eating?

As I’d written previously, I’d struggled with calorie counting for years.  

I knew I needed to get really serious back in June of 2018.  I had a pain in my testicles that wouldn’t go away. For the first time since 2001, I stepped into a doctor’s office with myself as a patient.  It was the local walk-in clinic, since I wanted to get this taken care of promptly and I didn’t have a primary care doctor of my own.  

They took my blood pressure.  162 over 104. That’s not good.  

animal based diet

The pain in my testicles was determined to be prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate.  I was given prescription anti-biotics and an order to return only if the symptoms didn’t go away.  

I was then 40 years old.  I had a good long run of eating what I wanted to with little consequence other than looking portly.  

Those days were over.  I had taken Dr. Drew Pinsky’s saying, “There’s no free lunch with Mother Nature,” to heart.  Mother Nature and Father Time were catching up.

Over time, the symptoms did go away for the most part.  Over the next few months, I felt the pain a little bit in the mornings if I drank a lot of coffee.  

Victor Pride of the former Bold and Determined blog touted the benefits of the carnivore diet–one which is entirely animal products and by-products.  

I stumbled upon another YouTuber, George Bruno, whose videos on steaks and the carnivore diet got me into watching him on almost a daily basis.  Also, check out Bruno’s valuable tips on living that animal-based life on a budget.

animal based diet

I was determined to give this a shot.  

By January of 2019, I’d gone into a keto way of life, obsessively watching my carbs and aiming for a maximum of 20 grams per day.  

As a listener to the Adam Carolla Show and the Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast, the name Vinnie Tortorich kept popping up.  Adam and Dr. Drew are both in line with this Tortorich way of eating. It’s called “NSNG,” which stands for No Sugar, No Grains.  

I’ll go over NSNG more in later posts, but long story short I’ve dropped 30 pounds in six months.  My blood pressure went from dangerously high to normal-high on the diet alone.  My heartburn, once a 3- or 4-night-per-week occurrence, faded completely.

(Full disclosure: I am on one blood pressure medication on a temporary basis, with the plan to get off for good now that I’ve dropped more weight.)

Notably, my prostatitis has disappeared completely and has not recurred.  

There’s animal-based and then there’s carnivore.  Carnivore is 100% animal products and by-products.  

Oftentimes, but not always, the carnivore way of eating is big on “nose-to-tail” consumption of the animal.  Not just the parts we all like to eat, but the organs and other things as well.  

Honestly, I draw the line at eating organs.   Having never liked chicken liver as a kid, my mother once tricked me by breading them and serving them to me as “chicken nuggets.”  I’ve never forgotten that.  

Animal-based eating, a vastly large percentage of animal products and by-products, with some low-carb veggies sprinkled in, is a fantastic compromise from the full carnivore route.  Good to eat and good for you, too.  

Eat up.  


  1. Very controversial in light of the Vegan movement, but I love my animal proteins in moderation. I find that they tend to satiate more. Animal proteins do need to be tempered with lots of vegetables though.
    Well done on your weight loss and getting that blood pressure down. It is great when you find something that works and helps achieve desired results.
    I would pin this post to the top of your blog so when people land on your site they can know where to go and find out about animal-based-life.
    I think your site will resonate with lots of people.

    • I do eat quite a bit of leafy greens and cruciferous veggies; I feel at my best when I achieve a good balance of both. I also mix in quite a bit of animal fat, which I find to be helpful. The fat is part of the reason why I’ve become such a big fan of pork butt.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Hey Steve,

    This is the kind of diet that I can get behind. I advise people on how to naturally increase testosterone production, a diet high in animal products and cruciferous vegetables is a key way to achieve this and one I recommend to my customers.

    You mention occasionally having banana bread etc. what do you recommend for someone who wants to have the occasional sweet thing?

    • Hey Nate. I’d recommend trail mix. At least you’re getting plenty of protein and fat, and it’s just an occasional treat.

      Thanks for commenting and reading. I really like your site as well–lots of good suggestions I’d never thought of.

  3. Interesting article. I have looked into some sites about an animal based diet and I find it to be very interesting. Probably the dirt that was needed to get us where we are today as a species.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey John, Thanks for reading!

      There’s a lot of good stuff out there on this way of eating. I’ve covered good ways to make pork and steak, and will continue to write as I discover new things. Stay tuned!

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