Sundown Fish Oil — Animal Based Life’s Item of the Day

I’m going to start bringing you items that either I use, know people who use them, or have looked into the product enough to where I would use it myself.

In this case, I personally use Sundown Fish Oil on a daily basis, which I order from Amazon.

sundown fish oil

Each capsule is 1200MG and I take three of them each and every day.

Fish oil is good for both heart and brain health.  You’re getting a product that consists of wild-caught anchovy, herring, mackerel, and sardine.  Wild-caught is superior to farmed fish that can consume its own waste and therefore yields a lesser product.

I have good reason to take a fish oil such as this because of family history.

My father passed away from coronary artery disease and my mother is currently dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease.

I believe in preventative health, and that’s why I take these things.  To keep the ol’ brain and heart healthy.  If you don’t have those two things, what else do you have?

I get a bottle of this Sundown Fish Oil from Amazon once a month delivered right to me, and I’m glad to consider this product part of my daily regimen.

Looking to avoid those annoying fish burps?  If you keep this supplement at room temperature and with even a light meal, you won’t have to worry about fish burps.

sundown fish oil

These easy-to-swallow softgels are 100% of wheat, dairy, gluten, and artificial flavors.

Sundown is a company that has been making clean nutrition supplements for over 40 years.  All of their products are grain, wheat, lactose, dairy, and GMO-free.

If you’re concerned with your long-term brain and heart health, a fish oil supplement is essential alongside your usual helpings of seafood.  Get this product today.  Click the link and have it delivered to your home, office, or to an Amazon Hub Locker near you!

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