An Animal-Based Diet Q&A

I started on an animal-based diet in January of 2019.  I created this website in July of 2019.

When I started changing my ways in January of ’19, it was pretty much Keto.

Pretty quickly, I introduced cruciferous vegetables into my diet as a complement to the animal-based food I was consuming for my meals.

Question 1: Is it Keto?

Answer: No, because I don’t count the carbs with the vegetables I eat.  Things like broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, snap peas, green beans, and Brussels sprouts have low carb counts.  The extra vitamins and nutrients counter the carbs they do contain.

Question 2: Do you do NSNG?

Answer: Yes, my way of eating is closer to NSNG than Keto.  That said, I do eat the occasional sweet while keeping the carbs low.

animal-based diet

Question 3: Why do you eat salt?  Isn’t salt bad for you?

Answer: I eat salt because salt acts as a sponge that aides hydration and allows you to better keep nutrients.

Question 4: (from Question 3): But don’t you retain water with salt?

Answer: Yes, some.  Some water retention is good for you if you’re a healthy person and your body regulates it properly.  Necessary, in fact.  For other people, water retention is bad.

Retention from processed food is way worse.  In other words, it’s not the salt that’s bad for you.

Question 5: How do you like your steak cooked?

Answer: Medium-rare.

Question 6: How do you like your bacon cooked?

Answer: I like it all.  From soft to charred.  I never, ever turn down bacon.

Question 7: How do you like your hamburger cooked?

Answer: Medium-rare, if I know the meat source (i.e. from a trusted butcher or self-ground).  Otherwise, cooked until there’s little red.

Question 8: How many eggs in your omelet?

Answer: Four.

animal-based diet

Question 9: Do you eat dairy?

Answer: Yes.  Probably more than I should, actually.  Most people don’t process dairy ideally, myself included.  When I’m really strict on my diet, I limit myself to heavy cream for my coffee and maybe a little cheese for an omelet.

Question 10: Do you drink alcohol?

Answer: Very very rarely.  I used to drink beer nightly, which I’m sure contributed to my weight gain and my flabby figure.  I abstain from beer now, except for the occasional social beer with a friend.  I also almost never drink hard liquor.

Question 11: Do you like diet sodas?

Answer: I’m a sucker for Diet Coke and it’s something that I don’t always avoid, even though I should.  I function best on a coffee and water diet with no soda or alcohol.

Question 12: Where do you get your beef?

Answer: I like Publix, as they have good practices and good leadership that ensures quality.  I’ve also gotten various cuts of beef from Aldi.  Aldi products are underrated in that they’re well-priced and of good quality.  Best value out there.  I’m also a member of BJ’s, which has really good beef and good deals on it.

I avoid Walmart meat because I’ve noticed a clear lack of quality across the board compared to Aldi, Publix, and BJ’s.

Question 13: Is there anything you won’t eat?

Answer: Liver, heart, or anything that had a function within the animal.  Eating all of that is called nose-to-tail.  A lot of carnivores so that and swear by the nutritional benefits.  It’s just not for me.

Question 14: Who were some of your inspirations to get into this style of eating?

Answer: Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Vinnie Tortorich, George Bruno, and the former blogger Victor Pride.

Question 15: What are your favorite animal-based “superfoods?”

Answer: Eggs and seafood.

animal-based diet

Question 16: Do you take any supplements?

Answer: Yes.  I take 3600 MG of fish oil per day and well as magnesium and potassium.

Question 17: What is your go-to cut of steak?

Answer: For me it’s the ribeye.  Great fat content, tender, good bang for the buck.  If you were to give me a Wagyu, obviously I would take that, but that’s a rare treat.  My realistic choice is the ribeye.

Question 18: Do you count calories?

Answer: No.  I haven’t taken calories into consideration in a year-and-a-half.  If you eat the right satiating foods, such as steak, the calories take care of themselves.

Question 19: Do you ever cheat?

Answer: I’m not saying I never cheat.  When I do, I have to tell myself, literally tell myself, “this is just a cheat and you’d better get back on the horse right now.”

Question 20: Do you do intermittent fasting?

Answer: Sometimes, but I don’t always stick to it.  I function fairly well when I do a 16/8 fast.  In other words, 16 hours of no eating and eight hours of eating.  Ideally, I like an eating window (when I can eat) between the hours of 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM.  The lone exception to that is coffee.

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