How About a Hard-Boiled Egg For a Snack?

hard-boiled egg for a snack

How good is it to have a hard-boiled egg for a snack?

It’s great.  It’s an ideal snack.  You can get them just about anywhere, they’re nutritious, and they’ll keep you sustained for awhile.  And within the parameters of animal-based eating.

I’m a snacker at heart, but I strive to avoid snacking.  I do my best when I eat lunch and dinner, all within an 8-hour window, and no snacking before, after, or in-between.

For me, a hard-boiled egg can actually be a meal.

How convenient are they?

The other day I was running around and performing some errands.

When I got done with my chores, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon.  I hadn’t eaten anything and wasn’t really in the mood to stop and get lunch, or stop and get something to cook.

I wanted something quick and easy.  Something to eat while I drove back to my office.

I stopped into 7-Eleven.  I headed back to the open cooler you see in every store.  It’s the cooler that holds things like cheese, some cold drinks, and premade sandwiches.  Also in that cooler sat the little two-packs of hard-boiled eggs.


I grabbed two of the two-packs for a total of four hard-boiled eggs.  I determined that would be my lunch.

I got up to the counter and the guy was scanning the eggs.

“Time for an afternoon snack?” the clerk asked.

I replied, “Actually, this is my lunch.”

It left me wondering if I was going to get some kind of unwanted lecture about “cholesterol.”  How the only good part of the egg is the white part and that the yolk will kill me.  Blah blah blah.

On the contrary, the clerk didn’t give me a lecture.

“That’s really a great idea,” he responded.

“It’s really an underrated item,”  I told him.  “Probably the most nutritious thing you have in this store.  People don’t realize it, but eggs are extremely nutritious.  White, yolk, everything.”

I began to realize that maybe I was lecturing him.  I ended what I was saying at that point.  I didn’t need to convince the convinced.

He didn’t disagree with any of it.  He himself said he loves to eat them.

I go to this store regularly, and they sell a lot of these hard-boiled eggs.

In fact, this morning they were out completely.

People really do like eggs

It was a relief to me to see that not everyone has been skewed by the propaganda that the yolk of the egg is so horrible for you and that you’ll get heart disease.

It was also relieving to me that this location sells to many of these eggs.

hard-boiled egg for a snack

Are people starting to come around on eggs?  Are 7-Eleven customers coming to the conclusion that this is one of the healthiest items in their store?

Not only it is healthy, but it’s inexpensive.  Four eggs that get you through the afternoon, all at a cost of less than three bucks!

Eggs are great to get in a pinch at the store.  They even come pre-peeled and with a packet of salt and pepper.  Boom!

Cost versus convenience

Is it better to make your own eggs?

You can usually get a dozen good brown eggs on sale for around $3.50.  That’s a cost of around 30 cents per egg–for a good egg.  Honestly, the brown egg is probably better quality than the one at 7-Eleven.

hard-boiled egg for a snack

For your own four eggs, that’s $1.20.  You’re basically paying 7-Eleven 80 cents for their mark-up and to peel the eggs.

The 7-Eleven deal isn’t bad when you put it in terms like that.

You’re buying better eggs at the store, but I hate peeling hard-boiled eggs.

How do I just make hard-boiled eggs myself?

Peeling eggs doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

hard-boiled egg for a snack

Simply Recipes has a great formula for how to make hard-boiled eggs perfectly.


Not only can they not be a pain in the butt to make, but they are also known for helping people lose weight.

Moderating weight is not the only benefit.  Check out the other great benefits as well.

Having a hard-boiled egg for a snack, or as a meal, is a great idea with no real downside.

Thinking about it?  Think no more.  Do it today.


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