Meat Health Benefits You Should Know About

We are at a crossroads with our health.  More people have serious health problems than ever before.

The medical industry is booming as a result of this.  They’re practically printing their own money.

Where I live in Florida, health facilities going in everywhere.  Small medical practices in strip malls.  Large, multi-story buildings with many practices and disciplines.  Small labs and walk-in clinics going into retail outlets such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS Pharmacy.

meat health benefits

A year ago, I had blood work at a Quest Diagnostics inside of a Walmart!  Just feet away, people were rolling shopping carts around and making sales while a needle was inside of my arm.

My visit was a routine exam.  Preventative care.  My blood work was perfect, aside from the doctor’s concern for my “high cholesterol.”

So many others spend a vast amount of time and resources in and out of a doctor’s office dealing with serious problems that could likely be prevented.

Did COVID-19 make us look at health differently?

So far, that appears not to be the case.  On the contrary, many in quarantine actually doubled down, buying increasing quantities of junk food and alcohol.

It was a coping mechanism.

Carbs are a drug, and this really proves that.  It slowly eats away at your metabolic health, and may of its symptoms are often dealt with by just consuming more of it.  Kind of a “hair of the dog” scenario.

Many have sworn by an animal-based way of eating, and their various ailments have either gone away or greatly subsided as a result.

Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Irregular Bowel Syndrome

The science on this isn’t really exact from what I can tell.  There is a long line of people who have adopted a carnivore or animal-based way of eating and have had their symptoms either go away completely or be cut drastically.

I read of one person whose bowel movements were cut from seven per day to two per day.  Imagine having to go to number two seven times per day–every day.  Some days, even more.  This would severely impact anyone’s quality of life.

When I’m really sticking to my game eating mainly animal-based foods, I go number two once every two to three days.  I have no constipation because I eat plenty of animal fat and lay off of cheese.  I simply go when I need to go.

Medication, such as cortisone, is usually used to treat the symptoms.  It doesn’t cure these ailments, it simply cuts down on the symptoms.

Eating meat could be a legitimate cure, not just a bandage or a mask.  The evidence is anecdotal, but the cases have become too numerous to simply ignore or laugh off.

If you suffer from any of these ailments, look into a diet of animal-based foods.


This is one of particular interest to many.  Libido and a healthy sex life is a gateway to better mental, emotional, and physical health.  A high libido is a sign of healthy testosterone levels in men.

For me personally, I did not notice a rise in my libido in switching to an animal-based way of eating.  Mine has been at a high level, regardless of diet, health, stress levels, and age.

For others, though, an improvement in diet has helped their libido significantly.  Healthy With Nicole goes over three ways to help your libido and love life by eating meat and animal products.


Arthritis is often thought to be a condition that ails mainly the elderly.  Not true.  A girl I dated right after high school was diagnosed with it in one of her knees when she was 18 years old!

Mikhaila Peterson, the daughter of professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, was diagnosed with arthritis at an even younger age and was also plagued with a number of other autoimmune symptoms.  These symptoms plagued her childhood and what followed was a severe case of depression.

She’s been on the carnivore diet for some time and her symptoms are gone.  She’s healthier than she’s ever been.  She’s now living an awesome life and is becoming quite a success in her own right as a podcaster, collaborator with her father, speaker, and an ambassador of the carnivore way of eating.

It’s not just Peterson.

Others can claim the same success; multiple others.


Depression and anxiety are becoming an absolute epidemic out there.  With the rise of social media, the news, and just general persuasion tactics being EVERYWHERE, it’s really no wonder.

meat health benefits

Simply put, if we have any sort of access to the outside world, we’re being overwhelmed by the world’s problems.  Furthermore, we’re all being thrust into a role of having to solve the problems of the world, even if they have nothing to do with us.

That’s enough to mess with the brain chemistry of just about anyone.

If you’re depressed and down in the dumps due largely to the events of today, this could be another legitimate reason for you to look for alternatives.

In this case, helping your brain chemistry through an animal-based diet.

People are increasingly reporting improved brain health by sticking to at least an animal-based diet, if not completely carnivore.

For years, red meat has been a dietary boogeyman.

Now, more and more people are swearing by its benefits in fighting depression, including actual medical professionals.  How things have changed!


Obesity is likely the number one thing people look to alleviate when they stumble upon an animal-based or carnivore way of eating.

Pretty much everyone agrees, including vegans  and vegetarians, that obesity needs to be avoided at all costs and that obesity leads to nearly all of these other symptoms.

If you get into a normal weight range, other ailments tend to go away.  Again, pretty much everyone agrees on this, even those who can’t get behind an animal-based way of eating for moral reasons.

It’s one area we share common ground.

There are countless stories out there of people who lost weight switching to meat only or primarily meat.  Myself included.

The advantage to this way of eating is you don’t just get skinny.  Rather you get lean, fit, and find your own ideal weight.  You don’t get too skinny.  People who are overly thin have also gained weight.

This way of eating really acts as an equalizer.  You find your healthy medium, which usually is a body mass index (BMI) of around 25 from what I’ve seen.

Not being overweight is important.  Even more important is having a low level of body fat, even if you’re just a little over 25 on the BMI.  A score of 25 would make you technically overweight.

Sleep Apnea

This is a big one for me personally.  Over my time being overweight, I was witnessed to have had sleep apnea episodes.  In my sleep, I quit breathing.

Literally quit breathing!

What is sleep apnea, and why does it come with such a potentially deadly side effect?  Check it out here.

I even have a dental device for it.

For my own personal experience, my episodes of sleep apnea, of lack thereof, are tied strongly to the amount of inflammation I have in my body at any given time.

When I stick strictly to an animal-based way of eating, my inflammation levels are way down, as are my instances of high oxygen variation when I sleep.  High oxygen variation is a clear sign that you’re not breathing properly at night.

Simply put, I don’t have those spikes when I stay away from sugars and grains.  My oxygen levels stay consistent, which is a good sign of good breathing.

There’s a chicken-and-egg debate about whether inflammation causes sleep apnea, or the other way around.  Due to my own personal experiences, I believe strongly inflammation causes sleep apnea episodes.

Logically, the key would naturally be to just quit eating inflammatory foods.


As I’ve previously written, my journey towards this way of eating began with a pain in my testicles and a diagnosis of prostatitis.  I also discovered by blood pressure was quite high and I needed to lose weight.

I no longer have flare-ups of prostatitis.

I’m not alone.  The man featured in this audio clip had prostatitis and other prostate problems that included a decreased flow in urination that also cleared up.

Some in the medical community also agree.  Dr. Alberto Parra recommends a Ketogenic diet for prostate health.


If you have any sort of allergies, especially to the point where you have to take a medication or an over-the-counter product such as Benadryl, you may want to check out an animal-based way of eating.

I used to have severe seasonal allergies as well as cat allergies.  I’m no longer showing an allergic reaction to cat dander and the pollen season isn’t nearly as horrible to my sinuses as it once was.

meat health benefits

Dust is the one allergy that I haven’t been able to shake.

Many others have been able to shake a variety of allergies thanks to eating an animal-heavy diet.

Brain fog

Mental clarity is key to a successful life.  If you don’t have it, you’re going to have a hard time in a variety of ways.

Short-term, you may be unable to plan things.  Unable to think rationally.  Unable to carry out your work.

Long-term, the risk of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s goes through the roof.

We’re in an epidemic of bad mental health, due largely to diet.  We’re currently a nation in distress, and we’re mentally unable to have meaningful conversations where all sides are heard in order to come up with solutions.

We’ve been conditioned to just think in terms of narratives, which is cheap and requires little thought.  Just tune into your black magic box and have your brain programmed with your preordained opinion, and off you go!

In a world of brain fog, that’s perfect!  After all, we don’t have to think critically.

Heck, we can’t!

Nutrition plays a large part in that.  As a population, we’re lacking in essential nutrients that make for a healthy mind.

A number of people noticed a lack of brain fog when getting away from sugars and grains, and for some, even plant food altogether.

Want to learn more?

There are resources out there that may be a little more “inside baseball” than what you’re seeing here.

The Carnivore Experience is a seven-week program and takes you through the steps in moving onto a full carnivore way of eating.  Check it out and see what it has in store for what ails you.

Is this stuff anecdotal?

Yes, for now it is.  It may not work for everyone.

But at what point do these cases cease to become anecdotal and become closer to science?

In my opinion, it’s simply a matter of time.  In my opinion, time will prove the animal-based and carnivore devotees right.

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